Dr Thomas Druitt

Dr Thomas Druitt


Dr Thomas Druitt is a specialist anaesthetist based in Brisbane.

Tom graduated from the University of Queensland School of Medicine in 2011.  Completing anaesthesia training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, he gained fellowship of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists in 2019.

From early in his career, Tom has practiced in diverse settings.  Outreach to the remote Tiwi Islands and rural India punctuated longer periods of training in Central and South East Queensland.  Post fellowship, he travelled to Canada for specialist experience in anaesthesia and global health at Dalhousie University.  During this time abroad he learnt directly from leaders of the global anaesthesia community whilst active as a clinician and educator in diverse corners of North America, East Africa and South Asia.  This broad contact with people has made Tom’s work distinctively patient focused.  He seeks to individualise care with a comforting and informed approach that will help you feel at ease through your surgical journey.

Tom works as a staff specialist at Princess Alexandra Hospital and at several private hospitals in Queensland.  His clinical interests in high-resource settings include anaesthesia for major liver surgery and complex spine surgery.  He holds an academic position as senior lecturer at the University of Queensland and serves on the board of VAST Ltd, a medical education not-for-profit organisation.

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